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The Big Table Pittsburgh

Due to the unusual circumstances related to COVID-19, LPInc. postponed The Big Table Pittsburgh region gatherings scheduled for March 18, 2020. We are grateful to our registered hosts who postponed their in-person gatherings and we know that when the situation is stable, our community will want to come together in a substantial and meaningful way. We look forward to sharing with you a new date for a region wide The Big Table, so please hold on to your Host Kits, if you had already collected them.

Please stay safe, physically distant, but socially connected.

The Big Table Pittsburgh

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Frequently Asked Questions

Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. invites the Pittsburgh region on ONE day this spring to connect with each other in self-organized small groups to have meaningful conversations, over food, to deepen our understanding of shared values as a community of caring residents, businesses and organizations.


Pittsburgh is a region that can and does thrive when we choose to care for each other. When we give our time to connect and converse, we draw each other closer and create the power to lead our community to an even better future. Given the pace of our world, we tend to gather, mostly, for reasons that are more personal or organizational. The Big Table Pittsburgh is an opportunity to have a discussion that one may not have otherwise. The Big Table Pittsburgh conversations can connect across community.


Conversations can and will happen at breakfast, lunch, dinner and any time in between – an hour and a half is all that is needed!


Hundreds of hosts invite thousands of others who care about each other and the future of our community to meet in small groups throughout the Pittsburgh region. Conversations include 8-12 people. Those participating in conversations can also use social media to share their thoughts and experiences with others. Anyone can serve as a host! The conversation and connection are meant to be the feature, not the type of meal a group shares.

Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. is excited to partner with the Jefferson Regional Foundation when they host their Around the Table South in conjunction with The Big Table Pittsburgh.


A host chooses a location where a group can comfortably meet to have a conversation and share some simple food. Locations may include homes, restaurants, community centers, libraries, offices, and places of worship, among others. Refreshments may range from snacks to full dinners—whatever each group can enjoy together.
I want to host a conversation.  What do I need to do?

As a host, you would:

  • Invite 8-12 people for a conversation on the date selected for The Big Table Pittsburgh region. These could be your friends/colleagues/family members – we encourage you to think about inviting at least two people that you may not know quite as well and/or think that other invitees may not. Be creative – don’t exclude your family members!
  • Find a suitable location for the conversation.
  • Provide some food, ranging from snacks to full meals, to enjoy with your guests during the conversation; pot luck is also a fun way to do this.
  • Serve as the conversation guide; we will provide a few conversation starters.
  • Complete a brief survey regarding your conversation experience.
  • Encourage your guests to respond to a brief survey as well.

CLICK HERE to download the Host Guide and Conversation Guide that was developed for (now postponed) March 2020 Big Table.


I want to participate but I can't be a Host.  How can I join the conversation?

Ask your family, friends, colleagues, community members, etc if they know someone who is hosting a conversation.  Ask to join that conversation and meet some new people.  


Have Questions? Email krissy@lpinc.org or call (412) 392-2248

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