Gain first-hand experience with non-profit boards, their governance and development processes through Leadership OnBoard (LOB). The program not only provides the experience and training necessary to be an effective board member, but also presents the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process of regional public, private and non-profit institutions. Through LOB, participants initiate a life of community service and civic leadership which is vital to the strength of our region's future. LOB participants serve in a non-fiduciary capacity.

Community-based organizations are invited to participate as hosts. For organizations, an LOB participant adds the fresh perspective and energy of a young community leader. The LOB participant can assist a board in developing relationships with a younger constituency, provide additional skills and expertise and cultivate other young board members.


Matches between host agencies and LDI/CLCV graduates are conducted, generally, once a year over the summer months; matches are based on several factors including board schedule, interests and skills compatibility. For their yearlong board term, the participant pays no fees, has minimum fundraising expectations and has no voting privileges. Since its beginning in 1998, Leadership OnBoard has placed over 300 participants on the boards of more than 100 non-profit organizations across the region. 

Click here for a listing of some host agencies.

Participants accept a ten-month position from September through June on the board of a local non-profit organization. During that time, the participants are invited to attend and actively participate in all board meetings and board events. In addition, participants join and participate on at least one board committee and work on a board project. Participants are responsible for communicating program expectations and time commitment to the Executive Director and members of the board. Both participant and organization are asked to supply feedback and information to the Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. staff regarding the board placement.

PARTICIPANTS: Anyone who has successfully completed Leadership Development Initiative or Community Leadership Course for Veterans, has the desire to serve on a non-profit board of directors, and is willing to make the time commitment to successfully complete the program may apply to be matched at the end of their LDI/CLCV program year.

ORGANIZATIONS: Any non-profit organization that is seeking new board members with enthusiasm, energy and valuable skills.

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