Connecting Civic Leaders with Non Profit Organizations

We connect civic leaders and non-profits to create active leadership and collaboration opportunities.

Are you an LPInc. program alum looking to connect with area nonprofits or a nonprofit looking to connect with our network of over 3,500 alums?

Explore the opportunities that await you through our Board Matching Book and Leadership OnBoard programs to make a lasting impact and shape the future of our community.

Board Matching Book

Through our Board Matching Book, we provide a valuable platform for area nonprofits to connect with our network of recent Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. Program graduates.

This book serves as a bridge, connecting our esteemed alumni with nonprofits that have open board seats. Our LPInc. team facilitates the connections, bringing together alums and organizations in need of board members.

Are you a nonprofit looking to connect with our network of over 3,500 alumni?

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Since 1998, Leadership OnBoard has placed over 400 participants on the boards of more than 150 nonprofit organizations.

Non Profit Organizations

Leadership OnBoard (LOB)


Leadership OnBoard (LOB) is an exclusive program designed for graduates of our Leadership Development Initiative (LDI) and Community Leadership Course for Veterans (CLCV) programs.

LOB offers participants firsthand experience with nonprofit boards, including insights into governance and development processes. By participating in LOB, you can gain the necessary training and experience to be an effective board member and play a vital role in the decision-making process of regional organizations.

Through LOB, participants embark on a lifelong journey of community service and civic leadership, contributing to the strength and future of our region.

How It Works

As an LOB participant, you serve on nonprofit boards in a non-fiduciary capacity.

This allows you to immerse yourself in the board’s activities, contribute your expertise, and make meaningful connections.

Community-based organizations are invited to participate as hosts to gain fresh perspectives and energy brought by young community leaders.

By engaging an LOB participant, boards can develop relationships with younger constituents, leverage additional skills and expertise, and cultivate a new generation of young board members.

Matches between host agencies and LDI + CLCV™ graduates are conducted annually during the summer months.

The matches are carefully curated based on factors such as board schedule, interests, and skills compatibility. As an LOB participant, you enjoy a year-long board term with no fees, minimum fundraising expectations, and no voting privileges.

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