Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. Programs

We Open Eyes, Minds & Doors

Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. adheres to the highest standards of care for community health. As such, all programs are currently being held virtually. Should prevailing conditions permit, sessions scheduled to be held after Labor Day 2021 may be held in person. If the sessions are held in person we will (more than!) follow the requisite guidelines as outlined by the CDC in terms of space/distance/sanitizing etc.

We will communicate the expected modality of sessions with a notice of at least 60 days prior to the session on a quarterly basis so that participants can plan accordingly. Please know that as a community leadership organization we tend to err on the side of over-caution when it comes to public health. Should you have any concerns or questions about this please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Want to grow as a leader? You have come to the right place!

At Leadership Pittsburgh Inc., we’ve been building leaders for over 36 years. LPInc. is focused on developing a diverse network of community leaders who are highly informed, skilled, and committed to making our region a better place to live and work. We open eyes, minds and doors.

Over 2,500 community leaders have graduated from our programs. Our programs provide participants with a deep and “behind the scenes” understanding of the region. The information and experiential activities of our programs inspire participants to develop a greater sense of ownership in our region’s future and arm them with the knowledge and networks to thrive as a community leader.

Our programs and events offer participants expanded professional contacts, exposure for their businesses, and access to decision-makers in the community. Our graduates extend and deepen the experience of their program year by staying connected to community issues and fellow graduates.

Our programs include:

  • Leadership Pittsburgh (one cohort per year, program is approximately 9 months long, class size is approximately 50, application and acceptance required)
  • Leadership Development Initiative (one cohort per year, program is 8 months long, class size is approximately 40, application and acceptance required)
  • Community Leadership Course for Veterans (one cohort per year, course is 6 months long, class size is approximately 20, application and acceptance required)
  • Leadership OnBoard (open to graduates of Leadership Development Initiative)
  • Executive Welcome (offered 3-4 times a year; by invitation only)
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Which program is the right fit for you?

Leadership Pittsburgh

senior executive level

Leadership Pittsburgh attracts and involves key decision-makers with significant spheres of influence from all sectors of our community.

Leadership Content: The program focuses senior leaders on the importance of exemplary, courageous and influential leadership in addressing our region’s foremost critical issues and challenges.

Community Context: The program offers opportunities to examine key quality of life issues in our region through the lens of policy awareness and culminates in a Regional Policy Trip to Harrisburg.  

Connections:  The program offers enhanced visibility for your organization and your key senior leadership.  It is a significant avenue through which they can expand their network of contacts for broader organizational reach and credibility and greater connectedness in the region across sectors and spheres of influence.

Sample Titles of Recent Graduates of Leadership Pittsburgh include but are certainly not limited to: President and CEO, Chief Operating Officer, Audit Director, Chief Human Resource Officer, Chief Legal Counsel, Councilmember, Executive Director, Executive Vice President, Owner, Partner,  Principal, Regional Manager, Reporter/Anchor, Senior Manager, Senior Vice President, State Representative, Superintendent, etc.



Leadership Development Initiative

emerging leaders

The Leadership Development Initiative program seeks and engages young professionals and emerging leaders seeking to enhance their civic involvement.

Leadership Content: The program uses a data driven model developed by Dr. Robert Kelley of Carnegie Mellon University to sharpen and focus key leadership skills that underlie “Star” performance.

Community Context: These “Star Performer” skills are developed in the context of community awareness and exposure to the benefits as well as needs of our region.

Connections: This is a selection-based program and targets top emerging talent in our region.  Your key player will participate in the 9 month program with 40-50 other young leaders from diverse backgrounds and a variety of disciplines – all of whom have also been identified as top talent within their respective organizations. 

Sample Titles of Recent Graduates from the Leadership Development Initiative include but are certainly not limited to: Assistant Manager, Assistant Vice President, Associate Attorney, Associate Director, Attorney, Communications Specialist, Financial Analyst. General Counsel, General Manager, Manager, Marketing Specialist, Program Coordinator, Senior Associate, Senior Engineer, etc.



Community Leadership Course for Veterans

post-9/11 veterans

The Community Leadership Course for Veterans (CLCV) looks for high potential younger, post 9-11 veterans who posses a desire to deploy their leadership skills for the long-term benefit of their organizations and community.

Leadership Content: Through participation in the six month long course, CLCV class members develop a better understanding of application of their leadership skills in the civilian sector and also receive training for boardsmanship.

Community Context: CLCV participants develop a broad understanding of the region’s sectors, work with regional non-profits on Community Impact Projects and meet with established leaders some of whom serve as Community Connectors for the participants.

Connections: This is a selection-based program and targets high-potential younger veteran leaders in our region.  The knowledge and associations obtained through CLCV can provide committed participants access to the platforms needed to take on leadership roles within Southwestern Pennsylvania communities.

Sample Titles of Recent Graduates from Community Leadership Course for Veterans include but are certainly not limited to: Graduate students, Supervisors, Managers, Senior Software Engineers, Business System Analyst, Assistant District Attorney, Project Manager.


Board Matching

Graduates of Leadership Pittsburgh and Leadership Development Initiative now have the opportunity to continue their civic leadership through this "high-touch" board matching program. The trained, engaged, diverse group of LPI Graduates are matched based on their interests and skill sets with the needs of local nonprofit organizations, including United Way agencies and state commissions to serve our region.

If you are an alum and are interested in being matched or are an organization interested in expanding your board, please email info@lpinc.org

Leadership OnBoard

(available to LDI graduates)

Gain first-hand experience with non-profit boards, their governance and development processes through Leadership OnBoard (LOB). The program not only provides the experience and training necessary to be an effective board member, but also presents the opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process of regional public, private and non-profit institutions.

Through LOB, participants initiate a life of community service and civic leadership which is vital to the strength of our region's future.


Executive Welcome

In partnership with the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, we arrange an invitation-only opportunity for senior-executives (with partner/guest) who are new to the Pittsburgh region or new to their position, which links them to a network of their peers in the community. Hosted by a local CEO and held quarterly these are typically dinner events in an intimate setting meant to welcome the newcomers and fast-track their connectivity to the region.

To recommend C-level newcomers for invitee list please contact LPI at info@lpinc.org



Unboxed is Leadership Pittsburgh’s innovative conference helping creative ideas emerge for future cultivation in the region. These retreats are offered on a periodic basis approximately once every three years.

The goal of Unboxed is to push the boundaries of what is comfortable and expected; to inundate invited guests with innovative, eclectic and revolutionary ideas and to engage and encourage them to think, “why not?”