The Community Leadership Course for Veterans™ (CLCV™) initiative aims to leverage the skills and experiences of post-9/11 veterans for the betterment of the broader Pittsburgh region. CLCV™ is a newer offering of our thirty-six year old organization which is recognized as the premier source for identification and connection of leaders across sectors with issues, each other, and with community needs/opportunities.

Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. is proud to have served and graduated the inaugural cohort of CLCV™ in 2014.

Through participation in the six month long course, CLCV™ cohort members have the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of our region, meet with business and community leaders, as well as utilize their leadership skills to accomplish a community impact project in partnership with a local nonprofit organization. This course provides participants with the exposure, experiences and connections that prepare them to tackle the challenges of our community. Bi-weekly sessions cover topics such as corporate landscape, nonprofit landscape, history of Pittsburgh, savvy networking and more. The knowledge and associations obtained through CLCV™ can provide committed participants access to the platforms needed to take on leadership roles within Southwestern Pennsylvania communities.

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Applications for CLCV are due the first Friday in February. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Community Leadership Course for Veterans application and selection process?

Community Leadership Course for Veterans applications are due the first Friday in February each year for the class that starts typically in late April. A selection committee reviews applications during the months of February and March. Applicants accepted for admission to Community Leadership Course for Veterans are notified by early April.

At least two letters of recommendation from individuals that are familiar with the applicant's abilities and skills, are strongly recommended at the time of application. 

How much is tuition? Is tuition assistance available?

Due to the contributions of regional philanthropic organizations and Leadership Pittsburgh alumni, this course is being made available for a nominal tuition fee of $300. Tuition will be due upon acceptance. No application fee is required. The Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. Board of Directors does not want tuition to be a barrier to your application, as such scholarships may be made available. Please contact Marie Hamblett (marie@lpinc.org) for questions regarding tuition.

What is the program schedule?

In addition to an overnight opening retreat, CLCV™ typically meets twice monthly from approximately 4:00–8:30 PM on (usually) Tuesday nights. The schedule is determined several months in advance. Credits are assigned to each session and most activities. Participants are required to earn a predetermined number of credits to complete the program. More credits are offered than required for program completion in order to allow participants flexibility in arranging their personal schedules.

Twelve to fourteen sessions held from April through August/September focus on exposing participants to the civilian/professional landscape and creating avenues for civic involvement as leaders in the community.

Welcome Reception and Overnight Retreat – An orientation/welcome reception is held to kick off the program. Held soon after the orientation/welcome reception, the overnight retreat begins on Friday afternoon and runs through Saturday. Attendance is mandatory.

Sessions – Participants meet for learning experiences on topics such as corporate landscape, nonprofit landscape, history of Pittsburgh, savvy networking and more. These sessions focus on topics that expose the participants to community leaders and issues. Leadership sessions typically take place on Tuesday evenings. Participants are expected to attend all regularly scheduled sessions in their entirety and earn sufficient credits to graduate.

Community Impact Projects – CLCV™ participants form teams to implement a Community Impact Project in our community. In addition to meeting a need in the community, the projects provide significant learning experiences for the team members. The project teams meet outside of the regularly scheduled sessions (each team determines its own schedule).

Click here to download CLCV example schedule. 

The schedule for the 2021 CLCV cohort will be posted by October 31, 2020.

Who has graduated from the Community Leadership Course for Veterans program?

Click here to view a list of all CLCV graduates.

How can I refer someone to the learn more about this program?

Email info@lpinc.org today with your recommendation's contact information and we will get in touch with them to share more information regarding the program. Or use this REFERRER FORM to share their information. Thank you for helping to spread the word and strengthen our mission delivery!

Please use this separate form to submit a LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION that will accompany a potential candidates application. 

I have been asked to write a letter of recommendation, now what?

The Community Leadership Course for Veterans Selection Committee considers letters of recommendation in the application process. We strongly encourage each applicant to submit at least two letters of recommendation from their prior military and/or civilian networks. The letters must demonstrate that the writer has/had a meaningful relationship with the applicant.

Recommendations are due in to the Leadership Pittsburgh Inc. office by 5:00 p.m. on the first Friday of February. These can be submitted along with your application or separately via the online form; by fax to 412.392.4559; e-mail to info@lpinc.org; or mail to our office. 


". . . as [service members] return home and transition back into civilian communities . . . we ought to make it a priority to help them channel their experience, ethos, and desire for personal challenge into continuing to make a difference. Their strengths are our strengths, the steel of America’s national character."
General Martin E. Dempsey
18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff